Presidential Campaigning

I am disappointed. Enormous sums are spent, yet both campaigns leave me unclear.

The assumption that I believe misses the point is that the candidate who runs the better campaign (spends the most money, has the better commercials, has better "one-liners," and accuses the other of factual inaccuracies) will make the better President.

Vast sums spent for political campaign juggling, 20-second commercials, handshaking, and pleasing voice training do not reveal executive ability. What does reveal executive ability? What reveals an understanding of presidential limitations as well as powers? I hope that each candidate will tell us how he will take charge of the executive branch of government and the vision the candidate has of that highly significant function.

The procedure that should someday be adopted is for each political party to define the role and function of the President. I would like to have them delineate the role; where it applies and where it does not apply. I would like to have some description of the improvements in the executive branch of government that each visualizes. The appointment process is highly significant.

Even at the final closing stages of this campaign, I hope the candidates, and their interrogators, will address the role of the President.


Los Angeles

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