As I listened, with a group, to the fawning George Bush during the Sept. 25 "debate," I became exasperated, and roared out "Oh, bushwa!" during his tirade about Michael Dukakis' "card-carrying ACLU" quote. And, then I burst out laughing, realizing that this was the first time in many years I had used this slang expression so popular in the '20s and early '30s.

The other members of the group were baffled, never having heard the word before, and so I explained that it meant "baloney," or "nonsense," or "barnyard manure," but fell into disuse as the more pungent slang became acceptable.

"Bushwa!" deserves to be resurrected by Dukakis to deride the absurdities Bush continues to spout! "Same old bushwa!" "There he goes again--more bushwa!"



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