Reagan Echoes Quayle in Talk at High School

Associated Press

President Reagan borrowed a phrase from Dan Quayle to hustle votes for the Republican ticket, urging high school students to participate in the November election to help keep America “the envy of the world.”

Reagan was campaigning today in Pennsylvania and New Jersey as chief surrogate for George Bush while the vice president prepares for his second and final debate Thursday night with Democrat Michael S. Dukakis in Los Angeles.

In a speech before students at Upper Darby High School in suburban Philadelphia, a Republican stronghold he last visited late in his 1980 campaign, Reagan made repeated references to Quayle, Bush’s running mate, and echoed the Indiana senator’s assertion that America is the wonder of the world.

But Reagan said that unless the nation’s youngsters take part in the election, all he has fought for in the last eight years might be lost.


“I am dedicating myself this year to making sure that this future of hope built on opportunity and traditional values remains open to each of you,” he said, citing the strong economy and low unemployment rate.

“You hold history in your hands,” Reagan told the students. He urged them to vote Nov. 8 and that if they are too young, to encourage their older friends and relatives to cast a ballot.

Reagan said the Bush-Quayle ticket will pursue his policies and will make sure the youngsters have jobs when they leave school.

He said he agreed with Quayle’s remarks during his debate last week with Democratic vice presidential contender Lloyd Bentsen.


“You not only have the power to speak to the President but to pick the President--and the Congress and the state legislature--to determine the course of our history and to protect those liberties that have made this good and gentle land, yes, the envy of the world,” Reagan said.