Taxing Smokers: Proposition 99

As a somewhat guilt-ridden smoker, I'm certainly encouraged to discover that if Proposition 99 passes the "new revenues from higher tobacco taxes would be primarily dedicated to hospital and physician services for working people who can't afford health care and to the indigent" (editorial, "Full of Smoke," Sept. 28). Encouraged, that is, to smoke more cigarettes. Now, as I draw these addicting poisons into my lungs, my conscience will be somewhat mollified knowing that I am helping other to stay healthier.

Twenty-five cents per pack? Hell, make it 50 cents. I'll pay it with a smile.

But, from now on don't tell me where I can and cannot smoke. Don't complain about having to inhale my "secondary smoke." Instead of disgusting looks when I put that cigarette between my lips, I want smiles of encouragement and offers of a light. After all, I'm no longer smoking only for myself. Now I'm helping my fellow man as well.

Hurrah for Proposition 99. And thanks Californians, for making me feel like a good citizen again.



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