Voting on Auto Insurance Initiatives

California's many insurance-related November ballot initiatives have convinced the rest of the nation that we are all crazy!

Time magazine (Aug. 29) captions: "The Next President. Who cares? In California, the real election issue is car insurance." Consumer Reports (October) referring to "car-crazy California," writes that "the biggest insurance mess in the country is in California" and: "California voters will decide among five propositions . . . but none . . . provides for a strong no-fault system."

Your brave attempts to explain these confusing initiatives (the series of articles examining the five insurance initiatives on the Nov. 8 ballot) is a help but I wonder how many voters read these in-depth articles or are simply swayed one way or the other by the expensive advertising of the "greedy" insurance companies or the "greedy" trial lawyers or the "ultra-liberal" consumers advocates. Heaven help us.


La Canada

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