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<i> From Staff and Wire Reports</i>

You may have recently read that Dave Jenett, whose yard was the site of the first Medfly found on the Westside, is the chap who describes himself as Repairman to the Stars on a radio phone-in show.

It’s reassuring to know that there seems to be no shortage of such celebrity servants, even with the recent dismantling of Schwab’s (Malt Shop to the Stars) and the baseball commissioner’s banning of big shots from Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda’s office (Locker Room to the Stars).

Others tending to local worthies include:

Safe-Cracker to the Stars: Clifford Cox, who opened Rudy Vallee’s vault after the late singer’s death and also claims the late Alfred Hitchcock and John Wayne among his credits.


Pawn Shop to the Stars: Brothers Collateral, whose co-owner Rudy Gintel says: “Actors who’ve pawned stuff in here don’t want their names used. But I can tell you that Mickey Hargitay (the late Jayne Mansfield’s husband) bought a telescope in here and Clint Walker’s been in to look at our guitars.”

Sculptor to the Stars: Brett Livingston Strong, who’s fashioned statues of John Lennon, Lawrence Welk and John Wayne’s head (from a Malibu boulder).

DMV Office to the Stars: The Hollywood branch, which has autographed photos of Bob and Dolores Hope, Tommy Lasorda, Lucille Ball and about 80 other celebrity motorists.

There is, however, still some question about a Sunset Boulevard store that advertises: “Elvis Presley Buys His Liquor Here.”


Adventures of Howard the Duck (cont.): The duck that showed up seven months ago in the back yard of Garrie Katznelson and fell in love with her collie, Lady, still hasn’t waddled off. A forced move was expected after it was reported last month that Katznelson wanted to find a home for Howard so he could have a more normal love life.

She received several offers. But she and the duck and the dog also appeared on television’s “The Late Show,” were approached by another program, “Incredible Sundays,” and were interviewed by People magazine. Now, Katznelson has decided to hang on to the duck. After all, she has Howard’s career to think of.

Some barbs from the Headliner Dinner of the Greater Los Angeles Press Club, which honored attorney Gloria Allred, state Atty. Gen. John K. Van de Kamp and Angels owner Gene Autry on Thursday night.

Former Dist. Atty. Robert Philibosian, on the differing circumstances of a snake and a lawyer that were run down by automobiles: “There were skid marks in front of the snake.” Newscaster Jess Marlow of KNBC Channel 4 recalling that he’d been branded as “dull” by one of the honorees at a previous roast: “You’ve never been called dull until you’ve been called dull by John Van de Kamp.”

Comic Pat Buttram on Autry’s lowly Angels: “They’re like Kleenex--soft, gentle and they pop up one at a time.”

Even Dennis La Pron’s orchestra got into the act when Allred, who is known for her feminist causes, approached the podium. The musicians struck up the old Jack Jones hit “Girl Talk.”

During the continuing debate over whether stray cats should be expelled from Cal State Long Beach, the felines found an unexpected backer in English professor Gerald Locklin. He decried what he called the “take-it-or-leave-it attitude” of university officials, but added:

“I am not a cat lover. Cats hate me. I add vodka to their water dishes, and they still hate me. I am not an animal rights advocate. I love bullfights.”