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Hearing " ya khochu moy MTV! " on Soviet TV is probably still a ways off, but the first step--a joint American-Soviet rock video project--is just about finished in Chicago. Set to the song "Bridges of Trust"--a collaborative effort by Soviet composer Vladimir Kopisov and the American group Collective Vision--the video venture is set up as a variation on boy-meets-girl: A young American girl dreams of dancing with the Bolshoi Ballet, but doesn't make it, even as a young Soviet boy's dream of coming to America is shattered. "We hoped to show how we are different," said Soviet director Boris Ayrapetjan, "and yet the same, how our cultures want to be closer, but how accomplishing that is not as easy as it should be." The video might well be shown on MTV (or used as a film trailer in second-run movie houses nationwide), but the Soviets already have committed to showing the video on national television.

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