Voting on the Propositions

Out of the voting doldrums, citizens! Don't be whipped by legislative juggernauts and their attempts to befuddle us. Don't be cowed by a half-pound of paper; wrestle it into submission, studying it like the thoughest final exam of your life. Show Sacramento we won't be halted by serpentine legalese. If you don't like any of the insurance initiatives, don't give up and pick the lesser of several evils--ax 'em all and send their authors back to their smoke-filled rooms until they present us insurance reform with which we can all live.

Voter apathy and unstudied polling are high treason. Study, question everything and vote. Nag your neighbors, co-workers, children, parents, teachers, drive your mother-in-law to the polls, walk down together as a family and have a block party while the returns come in.

America is indeed proud to be back in space. While we're at it, let's get back in the polling place as well.


Eagle Rock

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