Voting on the Propositions

I must take exception to your editorial "Libraries: Yes on 85" (Oct. 7) wherein you call my argument against this measure "downright silly."

It is certainly not silly to present an alternate viewpoint to spending more of the taxpayers' money.

Proposition 85, the $75-million library construction bond measure, is part of a package of $3.2 billion in bonds proposed by the state Legislature in this election. This $3.2 billion is not a "free ride." Taxpayers must pay off the bondholders and also pay interest on the bonds.

The Times must realize that library services can be and have been provided by the private sector. Taxpayers' money is not the only way to finance libraries and other services currently provided by various levels of government. It is also unfair for people who do not use libraries to subsidize those of us who do.

There is a legitimate disagreement between people, like Times editorial writers, who believe that society as a whole should share the costs for certain services, and those, like Libertarians, who believe that individuals should pay only for the services that they use personally. To call our viewpoint "downright silly" is to dismiss the whole concept of individual rights and individual responsibility upon which this nation was founded.


Chairman, Libertarian Party

Los Angeles

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