Dedicated Man Wrongly Fired

I'd like to express some facts the people of our community need to know.

I thought the idea of our working nation was to find dedicated, competent, decent people to fill jobs that affect the lives of others. If this is true, how can the Board of Directors of the LeRoy Boys' Home in La Verne possibly justify the termination of Dan Hanlon as director of child care?

I wonder if these people know the self-sacrifice I've witnessed, such as going out on Christmas Eve to buy presents for the boys. Hanlon was responsible for not overlooking these boys who otherwise might have been forgotten. I wonder if these people know how much his job means to the boys and the community?

Hanlon is one of the two people I have known in my life who glow with love. In a society plagued with drugs, gangs, distrust and anarchy, isn't a man like Hanlon worth having in such a position?


Rancho Cucamonga

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