League Fairness Is Debatable

Your story about debates being unlikely in five area elections shows that the League of Women Voters is bipartisan, not nonpartisan as the group claims, and that incumbents are afraid to defend their records (Times, Oct 16).

Both of those points interest me as the Libertarian Party challenger to Rep. Carlos J. Moorhead (R-Glendale). First of all, the league did not invite me to participate in its proposed debate, and probably did not invite Peace and Freedom Party candidate Shirley Isaacson either. I assume the group only invited Moorhead and Democrat John Simmons. This shows that the league doesn't care to see that all sides are heard and all candidates are presented to the voters.

Second, Moorhead has a history of avoiding his opponents. In 1984, he ran out the back door of his Glendale office rather than debate Libertarian candidate Michael Yauch. This year voters in the 22nd District are losing the opportunity to hear four different points of view due to Moorhead's stubbornness.

I hope that the voters of the 22nd District will closely examine their choice when they vote Nov. 8 and decide that they need a bold new congressman who will vigorously fight big government.



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