'Poverty Is Daily Disaster'

Ullman portrayed our world in a heartbreaking manner. I do not see how anyone reading this article could stand still for the political rhetoric from our presidential candidates. While a mother must make a choice of giving her baby water from a polluted well or letting her die of thirst, the candidates debate patriotism, who will do more to build up our arms, and the nation's economy as though we were independent of the well-being of the rest of the world. Are these the actions of a "kinder, gentler nation?"

Where is our sense of humanity? Is not that baby our baby? Do not all the people of the world have human rights? Do we not abuse those rights by spending our human and economic resources on weapons of violence rather than means of alleviating the suffering in the world?

Ullman pointed out that we need a new ethical way of thinking. We have to see people in other lands as our neighbors--not unlike ourselves--to experience their reality as our own. Our future well-being and that of our children depend upon that.


Woodland Hills

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