Teen-Agers Charged With 2nd Murder in Pizza Parlor Robbery

Two Lake View Terrace teen-agers charged in the August shooting death of a Domino’s pizza parlor manager were charged with another count of first-degree murder this week after a second store employee died.

Reginald Leon Morris, 19, and a 15-year-old former cook at the pizza parlor had been charged with the Aug. 21 murder of store manager Sean Patrick Linn, 23, of Granada Hills and with the armed robbery of the Domino’s pizza store in the 11900 block of Foothill Boulevard.

They were also charged with attempted murder in the shooting of employee Freddie Zuniga. Zuniga, who had been on life-support systems at Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills, died last week.

This week, prosecutors filed charges for the murder of Zuniga against both Morris and the 15-year-old, whose name is being withheld because of his age.


The shootings and robbery occurred about 2:30 a.m., and both youths surrendered to police within a day of the incident, according to authorities.

Police said the shootings occurred as Linn and Zuniga were cleaning up after closing the store for the night. The 15-year-old worked Saturday night but left the shop before it closed at 2 a.m. Police said he returned with an accomplice, who did not work at the restaurant, and was apparently allowed back in by two co-workers.

A preliminary hearing for Morris, who has pleaded not guilty to all charges, is scheduled for Nov. 30. His accomplice, who will be tried in Sylmar Juvenile Hall, has not been arraigned, authorities said.