Controversy Over Abortion

In response to your superb editorial on the abortion issue, I couldn't agree more. I am glad to find someone who feels the same way I do.

There is and always will be controversy over the topic of abortion. However, I feel every woman should be entitled to what she believes. I think no matter what the reason, if one decides to have an abortion, she should be able to. The state should continue paying for abortions of women who qualify for Medi-Cal.

Unfortunately, if the state only pays for abortions of women under certain limited conditions (i.e., when the mother's life is in danger, rape, incest, or under the age of 18 by parents' request), more problems would develop. As you stated, "If this law was passed, only about 10% of the 80,000 women who get aid each year would remain eligible." The rest would be so desperate that they would seek illegal and dangerous abortions.

Women should be able to make their own decisions about abortion, based on their own personal needs. Who can fairly decide whether abortion should be permitted or not? I don't think the state nor the government can appropriately determine the conditions for an abortion. The state should stop wasting its time and our money in trying to make questionable laws about when abortion should or should not be allowed.


Los Angeles

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