Taking a Few Shots at Buffalo Hunting

I read Rich Roberts' article about buffalo hunting (Oct. 12) with disgust. Anyone who can do elementary mathematics can easily see the deceit behind the (Arizona) Department of Fish and Game's logic (or excuse) for the hunt.

According to the DFG, buffalo grazing threatens to "deprive all species (of wildlife) of natural food." If the DFG is really so concerned with native species of wildlife, they'd better change the status of beef cattle to "big game" species, like the buffalo, because there's a lot more cattle per acre grazing away out there than buffalo.

If you want to protect wildlife, stop killing it in the name of cattle protection. If you want to shoot docile and domesticated bison at point-blank range for fun, don't do it in the name of wildlife and environment protection--that is truly a cheap shot.


San Diego Animal Advocates


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