Byrd Steps Lightly Through Last Day of Senate Session

Associated Press

Majority Leader Robert C. Byrd, usually a formal and reserved man, danced on the Senate floor Friday in celebration of the imminent adjournment of the 100th Congress.

The West Virginia Democrat showed up for his usual morning meeting with reporters sporting a fire-engine-red vest and a blue tie emblazoned with bright red and white stars.

Byrd calls the flashy tie his “ sine die tie , " in joking reference to the adjournment of Congress. Sine die, meaning adjournment with no date set for return.

Standing at his desk, Byrd grabbed the lapels of his dark suit and pulled them back, exposing the red vest. He then did a little dance, dipping and swaying from side to side.


Looking forward to what could be a long final day, Byrd also sported a red badge, proclaiming, “I’ve Got Trouble All Day Long.”

Byrd is stepping down as Senate floor leader at year’s end to become chairman of the Appropriations Committee, assuming that the Democrats retain control of the Senate in the Nov. 8 election.