Only Way to Go

We recently came back from a 10-day tour of the Northwest arranged by Harry Ellis' Adventures Outdoors. We don't normally take tours because we like to set our own agendas and like to have the freedom to make unscheduled changes as the mood arises. With Harry Ellis we had about as much freedom as a tour can allow. Given the distance between the points we covered in the state of Washington and in British Columbia, Canada, a tour such as Ellis' is the only way to go.

The trip we took is always scheduled around the first 10 days of September to take advantage of the best weather. Ellis also has other tours, and we are looking forward to going with him to Alaska.

In case readers are interested, Harry Ellis' address is Adventures Outdoors, 5354 Ruby Place N.E., Bainbridge Island, Wash. 98110. Thanks for turning us on to as fine a vacation as we ever have taken.


San Diego

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