Reassessments of 'The Lost-Out Generation'

As a card-carrying member of "The Lost-Out Generation" (by Nikki Finke, Oct. 16), I was captivated by your article voicing the complaints of my sadly misdirected peer group. Reading about the economic resentments of people making more than $100,000 a year hardly engendered my sympathy.

As I drive to work, from my home in a less-than-elegant neighborhood, I cannot help but be thankful for what I do have rather than full resentment for what I lack. As I pass the growing and sadly visible ranks of homeless men and women, I begin to resent the attitudes of those who can muster resentment because they can't live in San Marino.

Possibly a valuable activity on one of their foreign vacations would be to open their eyes and notice how many of the people in the world are forced to live in real economic deprivation. They could hardly return to their relatively (albeit not luxurious) home full of this arrogant and unfounded resentment.


Eagle Rock

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