‘Too Much Misogyny for Comfort’

Regarding your review of D.J. Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (“D.J. Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Fizzle After a Promising Start” by Mike Boehm, Calendar, Oct. 10), I wish to direct your attention to an offensive reference within the review: “with a bit too much misogyny for comfort.”

How much is too much? Is it like radon? Or is it comparable to racism, of which any amount is too much? Where’s the newspaper equivalent of Standards and Practices at your place? Don’t editors read your reviews before you go to press?

It’s horrible enough that as adults we stand by helplessly watching as our black youth become lost in the worst that Babylon has to offer in the form of rap music. In addition to being loaded with messages of misogyny and terminal materialism, rap also is driving black children further away from their rich African history. No wonder the kids ridicule those among them with African names. They have no consciousness about who they are, where they came from and where they are going--not to mention what they owe to those who sat in, went to jail, were bitten by dogs and beaten by police a handful of years ago.

Granted, you aren’t responsible for rap music; you only review what’s out there. However, inept and offensive references such as “a bit too much misogyny” are like pouring salt on this reader’s wounds.



West Hollywood