'Abortion vs. Adoption'

Beverly Beyette's article "Abortion vs. Adoption" (Oct. 20) was exquisitely successful in addressing the wider societal elements of the issue without muddying the waters with feminist questions that often take discussions into emotional no-man's land (pun intended). It is vital to consider the "what ifs," since a George Bush victory in November would most likely usher in a reversal of Roe vs. Wade. But it also allows the cart to lead the horse.

At the very least, the abortion question is a complicated morass. Putting things in a logical sequence, it seems that before we decide what to do with the children, we should settle, once and for all, with no equivocation, who gets to decide whether any pregnancy will go to term.

If we would deny a guarantee to women that their persons are inviolate and the power of decision is theirs, are we in a position to assure children born into the society that we will look after their rights? I think not.



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