'Rejecting Experts'

I could not agree more with Novak. Unfortunately, Novak does not provide us with a solution. What America needs today is a figurehead. The people should vote for the party, and the party should appoint the President. Thus, the party would weed itself of the older, senile and less competent; and the people would not have to vote for personality, good looks and charisma.

The people could vote for a particular person to be the American ambassador to the world. America needs an ambassador because the President should be busy with internal affairs. We need a king. The President should only leave the country to sign treaties and pacts. For good-will trips we could send our ambassador to the world.

Clearly, the President has too much to do. I think Novak has touched upon a serious problem in today's system. How long will it be until we correct this problem?


Los Angels

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