CAMPAIGN '88 : Apartheid Foe Hits Bush


An unusual endorsement for Dukakis came from a leading South African apartheid critic who was speaking in New York.

Dr. Allan Boesak, president of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches and a founder of the South African anti-apartheid United Democratic Front, lashed out at President Reagan and Vice President Bush in a Sunday sermon to more than 2,000 people at Manhattan's Riverside Church and later to journalists.

Asked what Americans could do to help free imprisoned anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela, Boesak said: "Can I make it a broader question? What you should do to free South Africa, don't vote for Bush."

Boesak, closely associated with South Africa's Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, said Reagan's policies and those of Bush failed to pressure the South African government and were inexcusable.

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