Voting on the State Ballot Propositions

The recent announcement by our governor that he supports Proposition 102 is appalling and outrageous. Is the governor so "all knowing" that he can ignore his own medical advisers, and every other medical association in the state? Hopefully, the voters will realize that his personal decisions are not necessarily based on good judgment.

The fact that this and previous similar initiatives come before the voters time and time again is a clear indication that more education is needed to fight AIDS, not further witch hunting. If Proposition 102 passes, thousands of California residents will find themselves exposed to discrimination with regard to employment and insurance. Their only alternative will be to avoid testing and medical care to insure anonymity. Driving potential HIV-infected people underground will only slow down the necessary research needed to fight this battle.

Our governor's decision is a poor example for the rest of the country.


Huntington Beach

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