Chargers Tickets Kick Up Ruckus

A near-riot broke out Friday afternoon at a Kearny Mesa toy store when about 400 people began pushing and shoving in hopes of buying 200 cut-rate tickets to the Chargers-Raiders game Sunday.

The tickets, which normally cost $23.69, were being sold for $5 as part of a promotion to raise money for Children’s Hospital.

“Everybody started pushing and shoving when we started selling the tickets at 2,” according to a clerk at Play Co. at 4531 Convoy St.

The tickets were gone by 2:30, she said.


Play Co.'s five other stores in San Diego County also sold $5 tickets, and a disturbance occurred at the El Cajon location as well, said store manager Don Dill. He said the commotion occurred when clerks announced to the 400 or so football fans present that all of the 250 tickets available had been sold.

Because the 5 p.m. game is sold out, police have issued a traffic alert for the stadium area. They advise that fans car-pool or take the bus if possible.