Talking to 'Auntie' Louise

Tahiti Nui in Hanalei is delightful. To stop there for a cold beer on the way home from the beach and to spend some time talking to "Auntie" Louise, the owner, is everything Jerry Hulse has made it out to be.

The luau, unfortunately, is something else again. We found ourselves crammed into the large room next to the bar so tightly that we had to ask the person sitting behind us at the next table to jam forward so we could get up. The food was good, but somewhat spoiled by being served on divided plastic plates. The entertainment was average.

Better to stop at Tahiti Nui for a cold drink and some great conversation with Louise. Then drive down the road to Kapaa and catch the luau at the Sheraton Coconut Beach Hotel. Better yet, skip the luau, sit on the beach, and enjoy the night sky. Also, we're ready to meet Jerry for a mushroom burger at Duane's Ono Burger.


Sherman Oaks

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