NATIONAL ELECTION RETURNS : State-by-State Election Reports of Key Races and Issues : North Dakota

Democratic Sen. Quentin Burdick, 80, who underwent surgery in August for colon cancer, beat back a challenge from North Dakota's state House Republican leader Earl Strinden, who had raised the issue of Burdick's age and health during the campaign.

With 43% of the precincts reporting, Democrat Byron L. Dorgan had 65,567 votes, or 74%, to 23,639, or 26%, for Republican Steve Sydness in the congressional race.

Gov. George Sinner, a Democrat, won by a landslide over Republican Leon Mallberg, a businessman making his first run for statewide office. With 71% of the vote reported, Sinner received 109,367 votes or 60% to Mallberg's 72,388 votes or 40%.

Bush won North Dakota's three electoral votes. With 70% of the precincts reporting, Bush had 97,647 votes, or 57%, to 75,160 votes for Dukakis, or 43%.

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