NATIONAL ELECTION RETURNS : State-by-State Election Reports of Key Races and Issues : Tennessee

George Bush became the eighth Republican presidential candidate to carry Tennessee in 10 elections.

Democratic Sen. James Sasser won a third term, but his popularity didn’t help Michael S. Dukakis deny the state’s 11 electoral votes to Bush.

Sasser was opposed by political newcomer Bill Andersen, a law partner of former White House chief of staff and Sen. Howard Baker.

With 18 percent of the precincts counted, Bush had 141,803 votes or 58 percent and Dukakis had 100,251 votes or 42 percent.


With 12 percent of the precincts counted, Sasser had 88,848 or 66 percent and Anderson had 45,494 or 34 percent.

Incumbent Democrats Bart Gordon and Harold E. Ford and Republican Don Sundquist retained their U.S. House seats. The Democrats’ margin of 6-3 on the U.S. House delegation was not expected to change.