U.N. Members Owe $450 Million in Dues

From Reuters

Member states owed the United Nations more than $450 million in back dues at the end of October, according to figures issued in a report Thursday.

More than $269 million of this was for 1988 and about $181 million for previous years. The United States remained the biggest debtor with unpaid budget assessments exceeding $337 million.

Although the United States has paid more than $130 million since the beginning of 1988, it all went toward reducing previous years’ arrears, which still amount to about $122 million, according to the figures.

The Soviet Union, which began the year owing more than $10 million in past dues and nearly $74 million for 1988, has so far paid more than $77 million, leaving it about $7 million in the red.


Britain, China and France, which with the United States and the Soviet Union make up the permanent members of the Security Council, are among the 75 fully-paid-up members of the 159-nation organization.