Sen. Campbell's Women's Meeting

Sen. William Campbell's long tenure in office seems to have developed in him one quality that is often associated with longevity--and that is arrogance.

Campbell is so arrogant that he votes against issues vital to women in exchange for a profit-making conference about daytime talk shows.

He and his office were too arrogant to reply to the Small Business Adminstration's queries about co-sponsorship funds after receiving taxpayer's money from that government office.

Campbell's arrogance has rubbed off on his staff, and, because they knew they were in hot water with Campbell's conference for women in Orange County, aide Karen Smith simply went to a new location and formed a new conference that was just as patronizing--knowing full well from her prior experience and profit-generation that she would make large profits with a Sept. 22 conference in Fresno.

Do we really think Campbell's group will gratuitously give the public an accounting of those (tax-supported) finances? The public has a right to know how and why their money is spent, and it is the height of arrogance to deny them that information.


El Toro

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