Prop. 103 and the 'Insurance Mess'

State Sens. David Roberti (D-Los Angeles) and Alan Robbins (D-Van Nuys) have a lot of nerve threatening insurance companies with fines if they withdraw from the insurance market in California (Part I, Nov. 12). If Roberti, Robbins and the entire Senate Insurance Committee had done their jobs by addressing both insurance reform and tort reform, the current mess could have been avoided.

Proposition 103 does not address the fact that the law requires all drivers to carry insurance, and yet we still have uninsured motorists driving on our highways. It does not address the fraudulent build-up where a driver suffers a scratch to his bumper of his car and then presents a $5,000 medical bill to the insurance company. It does not address the situation where a claimant obtains $1,400 in alleged medical treatment on the same day as a minor fender-bender accident.

The point is that insurance premium rates reflect costs that are real and substantial, but which perhaps could have been prevented by adequate legislation.


Van Nuys

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