I look at the non-childbearing couples of my acquaintance and note some alarming similarities in their life styles and attitudes. With little more to do than fret over their careers and relationships, they seem to me like spoiled children: self-indulgent, narcissistic and utterly unwilling to assume responsibilities that hinge on anything other than their own egos. The puer et puella eternis, ad nauseam. Life to them is a largess of playthings and play experiences, all bought as the justifiable yuppie spoils of a double-income life style with no children.

In her article, Kaufman airs her frustrations with those people who would have her change her life to include a child. Remaining childless is her right and privilege; but it is a privilege that she should not have to uphold by criticizing the likes of me, and implying that I am any less intellectually, emotionally or physically evolved than my non-childbearing sisters. If anything, we find the reverse to be true.


San Gabriel

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