'A Government to Despise'

Well, we morons out here have done it again! We've given all those highly educated, upper middle-class liberals such as T.E.D. Klein another government they can "despise" ("For Children of '60s and Their Ilk, a Government to Despise--Again," Op-Ed Page, Nov. 14). It must be wonderful to feel so morally and intellectually superior to the vast majority of Americans.

How fun it must be to sit in one's $1,500-(plus)-a-month loft in Manhattan's fashionable Upper West Side and sneer at the most popular President of our century and his newly elected vice president and castigate them both for not spending enough of the taxpayers' money quickly enough.

It's so easy to be critical. All you have to do is look for any sign that might suggest a less than perfect world, and say, "See?" Coming up with workable solutions to the world's problems is another thing entirely. Just ask Klein's old friend Jimmy Carter. Or better yet, ask Mike Dukakis. You'll probably get the same kind of blank stare that Ted Koppel got when he asked!

Let the self-proclaimed liberal intelligentsia feel superior while they pray for a catastrophe. We morons will continue to vote for peace and prosperity.


Studio City

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