'Shot in the Foot by Prop. 103'

After the chaos being created by the passing of Proposition 103, The Times appears to now recognize that insurance companies are not totally the bad guys in the black hats so pictured by the media and general public. I refer to Zycher's column; business columnist James Flanigan's "No-Fault May Be Way to End Insurance Flap" (Business section, Nov. 16).

Both hit the nail right on the head. For years the Auto Club of Southern California and others have supported meaningful, no-fault insurance. This never got off the ground in Sacramento because of our attorney-loaded Legislature. It now appears that our lawmakers may eventually have to act in this direction.

Hopefully, the end result will be a strong no-fault law patterned after laws in New York and Michigan. A watered-down version as in New Jersey and other states would do little to reduce or hold the line on insurance rates, which is everyone's mutual goal.



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