Palestinian Declaration of Statehood

Not even the florid ardor of Anton Shammas' polemic ("Palestinians Liberate a Dream," Op-Ed Page, Nov. 21) can mask the emptiness of his support for the PLO declarations in Algiers.

Aside from announcing the independence of a Palestinian state with a capital and no boundaries, the PLO positions remain mired in an ambiguity that Shammas would prefer to stir around rather than clear up.

The fact is that the PLO still has not recognized Israel, still has not renounced terrorism and still has not recognized U.N. Resolution 242. Neither Shammas' apologia nor PLO fudging can hide the ambiguity of these latest statements.

Rather than criticize the U.S. and Israel for failing to respond to the vagueness out of Algiers, Shammas' cause would be better served were he to urge the PLO to explicitly recognize Israel, renounce terror and demonstrate a desire to make peace.


Assistant Director

Anti-Defamation League

Los Angeles

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