'Agenda for Bush'

A front-page article regarding Bush allowing himself some wiggle room on "revenue enhancements" concludes with quotes from Sen. Bob Dole (R-Kan.) and Rep. Dan Rostenkowski (D-Ill.) which in effect say there's no way out of the deficit problem except to increase revenues, including taxes and user fees (Part I, Nov. 10). On the same day, the Business section also carried a lead article proclaiming that six national business heavyweights see a need for tax increases.

One would expect this automatic narrow-minded attitude from the politicians who have nothing better to do than spend our money. But it's a bit of a jolt to hear the same theme from top businessmen who'll be doing part of the paying. Even more disturbing is the absolute absence of anyone shouting for and demanding a hefty reduction in spending.

Don't any of the leaders of our great nation have enough guts to stop the cancerous deficit with spending cuts? There's so much fat in our national budget that they can spill a million dollars a day and never miss it.

The best place to start is the bloated Congress itself which has excessive staff members and abundant perks. Doesn't anyone write to his representative anymore?



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