If Roe Ruling Is Reversed

I'm amazed and confused by Conrad's cartoon showing the blindfolded personification of justice holding, instead of the usual scales, a coat hanger symbolizing the "Alternative to Roe vs. Wade" (Nov. 21).

Can this be the same Conrad who, for the past 15 years, has plastered your editorial pages with cartoons demonstrating his unequivocal opposition to abortion? Had someone asked me, before I saw the cartoon, what Conrad's alternative was, I'd have guessed he would draw an adoption agency.

Knowing Conrad's consistent "liberalism" on virtually all other issues of social justice, I find it difficult to believe that he would snidely offer a coat hanger to women as his alternative to safe, legal abortion, but I'm sure that's how some people on both sides of the issue will view it. I wonder, as no doubt many others do, why and when did Conrad change?


Los Angeles

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