Local News in Brief : Westminster : City Manager Warden Fired by City Council

Citing philosophical differences, the City Council fired City Manager Murray L. Warden at the Council’s regular meeting Tuesday night.

“This was essentially a parting of the ways,” said Mayor Charles V. (Chuck) Smith, who added that Warden, who was hired 8 months ago, and the council “never clicked.” The termination was effective immediately.

The decision was announced after Warden met with council members in a closed session to discuss his job performance, Smith said.

Warden accepted the position of city administrator, but the job later was modified, with the City Council’s approval, and he was given the city manager’s title.


“Murray had his way of doing things, and they didn’t always coincide with the council’s way,” Smith said. “We didn’t really clash, but we didn’t really have a meeting of the minds as to how things were going to get done.”

Jerry Kenny, public works director, was to become interim city manager immediately.

Kenny, who has been employed with the city 15 years, is a former community development director and former director of finance.

Warden could not be reached for comment Wednesday.