Local News in Brief : Anaheim : Mobile Home Rent Proposal to Be Reviewed

The city has hired a private law firm to review the legality of a mobile home rent control proposal that still must be approved by the City Council or set for a special election, officials said Tuesday.

Rochelle Brown, with the Los Angeles law firm of Richards, Watson & Gershon, will be paid $175 an hour for the review, although the amount of work to be done remains under negotiation, a city spokeswoman said.

City Atty. Jack White asked for the review by an outside attorney to avoid any conflict of interest in reviewing the proposed ordinance. It has qualified for a vote of the City Council or electorate after being signed by 16,935 registered voters in the city. The ordinance would require the city attorney to advise a proposed rent control board on legal questions and to defend board actions. The county registrar of voters certified the initiative signatures last month.

White said that could require him to defend an action he earlier had advised the board was not enforceable.


If approved, the initiative would roll back mobile home space rental rates to adjusted 1984 levels and limit future increases.

A fiscal impact report on the proposed ordinance is due before the City Council by Jan. 14.