Trial Date Set for Teledyne in Fraud Scandal

From Reuters

A federal judge today set March 27 for the trial of Southern California defense contractor Teledyne and six individuals after they pleaded innocent to bribery and conspiracy charges in the Pentagon fraud scandal.

After the hearing, one defendant tried to dodge reporters by putting on a false beard and baseball cap.

U.S. District Judge Richard Williams denied a motion by Teledyne Industries, a division of Teledyne Inc., and the six individuals to delay the trial to give them more time to examine 250 hours of government wiretaps.

Also pleading innocent in connection with the alleged sale of military contract data were Navy procurement official Stuart Berlin, business consultants William Parkin and Fred Lackner and Teledyne officials George Kaub, Eugene Sullivan and Dale Schnittjer.


The judge released each of the defendants on $10,000 bond.

The March trial would be the first in a major two-year investigation of defense procurement which federal officials have said could involve up to 50 defense consultants, 20 Pentagon employees and more than a dozen major contractors.

After the hearing, Parkin donned a fake beard and a baseball cap and rushed away.