Zarian Backs Off on Building Exemptions

After being told by his colleagues that he would lose the vote, Glendale City Councilman Larry Zarian backed off from introducing an ordinance Tuesday to exempt 19 projects from the city’s building moratorium.

Zarian had said during a Jan. 6 council meeting that he wanted to exclude from the moratorium projects that were “90% done, a week or two away from final approval.”

During Tuesday’s meeting, council members Jerold Milner, Ginger Bremberg and Mayor Carl Raggio indicated that they would not vote for exceptions to the building freeze while the city studies changes in the zoning code. Councilman John F. Day agreed with Zarian’s proposal.

Zarian said he was disappointed by the outcome of the straw vote. He said the projects in question were unfairly delayed because overburdened city officials did not process the applications in time.


Raggio and Bremberg said they would make all new projects comply with whatever zoning changes are approved. Milner, however, said he would consider granting exemptions during the council discussion of the proposed zoning changes.

City Planning Director John McKenna said he expects to have the draft zoning ordinance ready for the council’s consideration by late February.