Local News in Brief : Hearing on Project Continued

The Rancho Palos Verdes City Council has continued until Jan. 31 a public hearing on a proposed housing tract in the 6500 block of Palos Verdes Drive South.

On that date, the city attorney says, he will be ready to tell the council whether the development’s environmental impact report is complete.

Some council members said Tuesday that the report inadequately addresses the risk of damage to the homes from the steep slopes and natural watercourses on the land. Pending study by the city attorney, the council has not approved the report.

If the report is found to be incomplete, the city will ask the developer, Watt Palos Verdes, to give it a 90-day extension to consider the project. By state law, the city has until Feb. 2 to approve or reject the project unless Watt gives it a one-time extension of up to 90 days. If Watt refuses, council members say, they will reject the project.


Neighbors who oppose the new tract of 50 to 60 ocean-view homes on the north side of Palos Verdes Drive South say grading in the area could cause landslides and imperil homes on bluffs above the development.