Bonn Names 2 More Firms Suspected of Libyan Plant Role

From Associated Press

Investigators Thursday released the names of two more companies whose records were seized in a widening probe of suspected West German involvement in the building of a purported poison gas factory in Libya.

Customs authorities on Wednesday searched the offices of three firms and the homes of 12 individuals on suspicion that export laws had been violated.

One of the companies searched was Imhausen-Chemie, which is suspected of playing a major role in building the plant in Rabta, 60 miles south of the Libyan capital of Tripoli.

The Offenburg prosecutor’s office on Thursday said the two additional firms are the Pen-Tsao shipping company in Hamburg and an Imhausen-Chemie subsidiary, the GFA company in Bochum.


U.S. officials say the plant in Rabta is intended to produce poison gas. Libya says it is a pharmaceutical factory.