Names In The News : Swaggart Threatens Sex Story Suit

From Times wire services

A lawyer for television evangelist Jimmy Swaggart today threatened a “mammoth” libel suit against Penthouse Magazine for publishing the account of a New Orleans housewife who claims Swaggart conned her into performing sex acts.

Dennis Brewer Sr., an Irving attorney who is also a member of the Swaggart Ministry board of directors, said that Swaggart had never met the woman and that she had falsified the account for fame and money.

Catherine Kampen, 38, claimed that the affair with Swaggart began in July, 1987, and lasted until January, 1988, before Swaggart was defrocked last spring by the Assemblies of God for a tryst with a prostitute. Kampen, who was employed by a “strip-o-gram” service, alleges in the article that she met Swaggart on the street and that he pretended to counsel her on her marital problems. She said they never had sexual intercourse but claims that he conned her into performing sadomasochistic acts for his sexual pleasure.