Trump Plays to Win at His Own Game

From Reuters

For the millions of Americans who want to make a fortune overnight, toy maker Milton Bradley and real estate tycoon Donald J. Trump will soon allow them to negotiate blockbuster deals in their living rooms.

Trump, the flashy billionaire who recently published the autobiography "Trump: The Art of the Deal," is now the subject of a new $25 board game, "Trump the Game," Milton Bradley announced this week.

The game, which will go on sale in the spring, is patterned after Monopoly and Trump's own career. Trump's well-publicized face, which was recently on the cover of Time magazine, appears on the game's play money, board, outer box and Trump cards.

In the game, players compete to buy eight lucrative real estate properties such as hotels, casinos or convention centers with play money starting in denominations of $10 million. Trump said he has lost the game a few times himself.

"The game is based on the high stakes world of wheeling and dealing and 'The Art of the Deal,' " Milton Bradley President George Ditomassi told reporters. The toy maker, a unit of Hasbro Inc., also makes the games "Life," "A Question of Scruples" and "Win, Lose or Draw."

"I really like the game," said Trump, who rolled 14-karat gold dice at a ceremonial "closing of the deal" in Manhattan's sumptuous Trump Tower. "It's much more sophisticated than Monopoly, which I've played all my life."

Trump's percentage of the game's profits, which he did not disclose, will go to charities such as cerebral palsy, AIDS research and help for the homeless, he said.

"I hope the game makes many millions of dollars," said Trump, who owns the Plaza Hotel, Trump Tower, Trump Plaza and Grand Hyatt in Manhattan, and Trump Plaza & Casino in Atlantic City.

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