Westchester : Loyola Zoning Change OKd

The Los Angeles City Council gave preliminary approval to planning and zoning changes at Loyola Marymount University on Tuesday after the college reached an agreement with nearby residents over noise at a student dormitory.

The changes, part of a citywide program to bring local zoning in line with the city's General Plan, will allow the university to grow over the next 10 years but sets height, setback and density restrictions on new construction.

The changes include specific limits on the amount of residential and nonresidential building to be allowed on the 96-acre campus, although those limits would change if the university builds a proposed 28-acre annex. The expansion would require separate city approval.

In an effort to win neighborhood approval for the changes, the university agreed shortly before Tuesday's meeting to submit a plan within four months to deal with noise at Tenderich Hall, a student dormitory. It agreed to make modifications to the building within five years to "ensure the quiet, peace and enjoyment of adjacent residents."

The proposed changes must be reviewed by the city's Planning Department before returning to the council for final action.

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