Toward Equality

"Wasn't it supposed to eventually dissipate, this awareness of skin color and the monstrous little acts it produces?" asks Bob Baker in his thoughtful "Questions for a Demon Within" in your special section.

The problem is that we're asked to accept too much: too much change, too much difference, too often. It's intolerable. It's why we're going to have to start giving points to those who are most assimilated in national culture.

Now, this may seem like a purely arbitrary conclusion, but actually it's quite logical. Assimilation means competence in the business of life, and we reward competence in our civilization, thank you.

It's also fun to play up the charm of one's location, which necessitates degrading all others. The compulsion to be among the most assimilated, the fun of expressing one's local charm, for these and probably other good reasons race competition is a fact of life, like coexistence.



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