The Nation : Cold Devastates Florida Vegetable Crop

"Every cucumber in the state of Florida is gone, from what I understand," Tom Burgin, a produce broker in Plant City, said after a devastating weekend freeze caused some of the worst crop damage in a decade for central Florida vegetable growers. Cold-sensitive crops--cucumbers, watermelons and squash--suffered severe damage. For tomatoes, it was also the worst freeze in 10 years, said Bill Butler, a vegetable broker in Hillsborough who ships to major U.S. cities, including Los Angeles. Elsewhere, snow moved into central Appalachia and across Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. Light snow was scattered over the northern plains, Montana, Wyoming and the Nebraska panhandle. But in Utah, snow was melting due to recent warm weather and rain and local flooding was expected along parts of the Wasatch Front.

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