Controversy Over Tower

The nomination of John Tower has gone too far. With wild accusations, Tower’s detractors have tried to portray him as a man unfit for the job of secretary of defense. In fact, there is nobody better qualified than Tower for this position.

Tower’s history of alcoholism has been brought up numerous times as a reason for denying his nomination, despite the fact that there is no evidence to support the accusation that he is an alcoholic now. In case you haven’t heard, alcoholism is curable. I wonder how an alcoholic can be chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, can chair the U.S. delegation at the strategic arms reduction talks, can effectively lobby for major defense contractors, and can provide “senior management” for several major defense contractors. This experience makes Tower the best qualified person for nomination by President Bush.

Tower has also been accused of seldom meeting a weapons system he didn’t like. He is being condemned by the very same people who have voted to fund those very same weapons systems. During the Reagan years, Tower was afforded the luxury of being able to fund any weapons system he liked, but this doesn’t mean that he cannot function with a restrictive budget. It is not enough reason to deny the nomination because Tower may fail somehow to budget.

John Tower has nothing against him and everything for him; his confirmation should not be delayed any longer.



San Clemente