NATION : Kitty Dukakis Hugs Her Husband as She Returns From Alcohol Center

From Times wire services

A happy Kitty Dukakis waved at reporters and held her husband, Gov. Michael S. Dukakis, tightly when she arrived home today after spending a month in an alcohol treatment program.

Emerging from a car driven by her father, Harry Ellis Dickson, she smiled broadly. “Doesn’t she look terrific?” said the governor, his arm around her.

Asked what was the best part of returning home, she said, “Being with my husband.” Without missing a beat, her husband added, “Being with my wife.”

Kitty Dukakis, 52, had been in Edgehill Newport, an intensive residential facility in Rhode Island, since Feb. 5. She entered the facility after several bouts of excessive drinking at home after her husband’s failed presidential bid.


No plans have been made for her to discuss her experience publicly.