Stretching Out to Find a New Wrinkle

Aiko Yamashita of Monterey Park, who (along with numerous other readers, the most recent being Kathleen O’Neill of San Diego) has been looking for pants stretchers , will have to keep looking a while longer, unfortunately. The Vermont Country Store, which is the one source we knew of, advises that they no longer carry the pants stretchers. Can you help with a source without stretching things too far, or will Yamashita and dozens of other readers have to stop panting and settle for wrinkles--even at an early age?

William M. Gray of Los Angeles would like to find some soft cotton handkerchiefs either 15x15 or 18x18 inches . Can you (in)hail a source before Gray’s nose is all out of joint, or will this always be a problem that’s nothing to sneeze at?

Dona Martyniak of Palos Verdes needs to have some old feather pillows cleaned. Can you join in this pillow talk without taking it lightly, or will Martyniak wonder whether all her efforts are for the birds?

Reader-to-Reader Help Line: Jack at (818) 345-4388 would like to get his hands on some sound-power telephone hand sets that were used in World War II. Please connect up with Jack and make sure he’s all ears again.


Note: The Reader-to-Reader Help Line is only for one-time items or for products no longer available in stores. And you must give us written permission to publish your telephone number, so that others may contact you directly.

Karen Lynch of Ventura, who wanted Size 12 shoes for her young daughter, no longer need to worry about having both feet on the ground. Phyllis Carter of Laguna Hills says some Payless shoe stores carry that size; if not, contact the mail-order department of Lane Bryant, P.O. Box 8301, Indianapolis, Ind. 46283-8301. Barbara Berry of Torrance suggests either Nordstrom or Rushton’s Tall Girl Shoes, 706 S. Hill St., downtown Los Angeles, (213) 622-8967. Also, she mentions these mail-order houses: Hill Bros., 99 9th St., Lynchburg, Va. 24505-1466, and McB’s Shoes for Women, 715 Market St., San Francisco, Calif. 94103. And B. Newsum of Cambria says a company called Tall Girls Shoecraft advertises great shoes (sizes 10-13) in Vogue magazine.

Carter Bingham of Pomona, who was after rubber rings for large-mouth fruit jars, writes that he found what he was looking for at Kitchen A’ Ware, on the second level of the Montclair Plaza shopping center. In addition, Mrs. A. Britz of Encinitas mentioned Ball Container Group, Attention Beth West, Consumer Products Division, 5252 Bolsa Ave., Huntington Beach, Calif. 92649, and Ball Consumer Products, 1509 S. Macedonia Ave., Muncie, Ind. 47302.

Gladys of Los Angeles, who needed a Style 624 Goddess underwire bra, has received plenty of support. Naomi Bowman of the California Mart and B. Soroko of Santa Monica both say the item can be purchased at Pauline’s Lingerie, 8815 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, (213) 275-1557; Bowman also mentions Paulette’s, 14538 Nordhoff St., Panorama City, and adds that Bullock’s will order the item (they do not stock them). Helen M. Pulster of West Arcadia says she orders her 624 bras from Yasuko’s Bra & Lingerie Salon, 999 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, (818) 793-2476. And Louise Shane of the Valley Department Store, 245 N. Euclid Ave., Ontario, (714) 984-8646, says they will be happy to special-order Style 624; they carry all the other Goddess styles.


Hain cannot answer mail personally but will, space permitting, respond in this column to readers who need--or have--helpful information. Write (do not telephone) to You Can Help!, You section, the Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles 90053.